Intel i5 2500K or Intel i5 3570K

What CPU would be better for gaming, get a better performance increase from overclocking?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. It depends upon how far you want to overclock. The 3570k will be better if you OC them to the same speed. To get the 2500k to perform the same as a 3570k you will need to overclock it more.
  2. 2500K is older than the 3570K by 1 generation. The new 3570K uses a 22nm process which produces less heat in general. These 2 processors are so close but I recommend the 3570K.
  3. Why would you ever get 2 year old tech when you could get either the newest thing which is Haswell or at least a 3570k which is the newest thing out right now? THe 3570k performs about 8-10% better all around than the 2500k. And for only 3% more of the price. Which is like 10 bucks.
  4. I agree with ericjohn in that the Intel® Core™ i5-3570K is the way to go. Due to improvements in the IPC of the 3rd generation Intel Core processors it doesnt matter if you can overclock it as high as you can the Intel Core i5-2500K in the end you get a processor that will performnance as well in performance.
  5. Get the newer tech as the other guys have said - unless you can get a VERY good price on the 2500k, as it is still a very good CPU.
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