i5 3570k with corsair h60 overclock


Generally just trying to get some quick information about overclocking.
Information im trying to find out is

-What temps should i stay under?

-What Vcore should i stay under?

Im asking because i have a overclock right now to 4.6ghz, my asus p8z77-V deluxe auto'd my Vcore to 1.436. Is this too much?

I plan on finding a stable overclock today on my day off, since everything i read said it can be a arduous task. I have Aid64 installed and plan on testing.

I know i probably will come off as a idiot about this but any information would help. Thanks in advance!
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  1. thats way too much voltage
  2. i already knew that, what should i be aiming for?
  3. dont have a 3570k but i would have thought around 1.3v at 4.6ghz
  4. Vcore shows 1.436 in the Asus suite sensor.

    But CPU voltage is set to 1.35

    Are they the same or different?
  5. use cpuz to check the voltage

    AI suite can be inaccurate it usually shows the cpu temp 10c too low as well

    use realtemp or similar
  6. im at 4.6ghz with 1.35v
    Ran aid64 for 1hr and everything is running smoothly.

    Did i do this correctly now? lol
  7. whats the cpu temperature under load?
  8. Looking at AIDA64 it gives me multiple temps.

    Min Max Avg
    CPU 44 66 63
    CORE 1 48 94 74.5
    CORE 2 48 95 80

    and so on... pretty much the same across the cores

    Are these temps decent? {this is under full load}
  9. My OC hits 95C max in Prime95, and I'm comfortable with it, but most people seem to recommend keeping it under 90C to keep it safe.
  10. If you plan on running that high of a overclock you need to look into getting some better cooling preferably custom water cooling, your expecting to much of that little H60 max temps of 95c is way to high in my opinion.
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