Nvidia® GeForce® VS ATI AMD Radeon Graphics

Which is the best entry level graphics card which can play latest games on medium settings and high settings
eg.Bioshock Infinite
(in Both ATI and Nvidia)
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  1. Unless you are doing multiple monitors (AMD) or 3D (Nvidia), just pick based on price for performance, the brand doesn't matter. Generally its not worth buying anything slower than a 7750.
  2. The GTX650Ti Boost has, IMHO, rendered the GTX650Ti irrelevant. The HD7770 can play on "Medium," and probably some "High" settings, but is beaten by the GTX650Ti (even the non-boost). It is, however, a lot cheaper; I think I've seen them under $110. The 650Ti is around $130, and the Boost edition is $170+ (but should come down)
  3. I think the 7850 is a better pick, its $10 more and 1% faster at stock, but it overclocks like mad, Kepler doesn't.
  4. I got the eVGA SSC version of the GTX650Ti about a month ago (before Boost...grrr...), but it has a good factory OC to 1071MHz and is quiet and small. It is much fast than a HD7770.
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