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soo there's a pc store making a great discount next weekend i'm thinking to make a powerfull pc for gaming... so here's the component.. i wanna make sure they r compatible

-gigabyte z77x-up7 intel chipset motherboard
-core i7 3770k oc - processor
-kingston 1600mhz 8GB (x4)
-3.0TB SATA3 - Western digital SATA internal hard drive
-pioneer blu-ray 12x Writer BDR-S06XLB -dvddrive
-intel thermal RTS2011LC - cpu heatsink
-s27A950D monitor
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  1. Looks compatible so far, but you seem to be missing some pieces: the case, the psu, the video card, and an aftermarket heatsink (since the heatsink you list is by Intel, I'm guessing it's the stock heatsink)
  2. if the heatsink comes w/ the CPU, than it's fine, but otherwise I would get something like a Noctua Nh-d14 or H80i

    also, like mentioned, ur missing some parts.

    but all that u have listed is compatible
  3. thank u 4 the reply.appearantly they don't give discount for case, psu n video card... so i would appreciate if anyone can tell me any common case,psu and video card or anything that i'm missing that is compatible.. yes the heatsink come with the cpu.. so i think i'll stick with it~
  4. Don't expect to be able to overclock it much with stock cooling.
    Anyway, for the case, psu, and video card, what's your budget?
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    Don't worry about OC'ing it, it'll OC just fine if that is the Intel Liquid Cooling solution (which google said it is).
    The Antec 900 is a good case, but any mid or full ATX tower case will work, but don't just get any cheap one cause you DEFINITELY get what you pay for, so spend at least $60 on it!
    Get a Corsair or Seasonic PSU with at least 600 Watts, but I recommend 750W.
    For a Gaming PC, your GPU really should be the most expensive part. Tom's did a review and recommended the most bang for buck on video cards in each price range. here's the article. I would say anything above $200 will be okay for that PC, but I would personally pair a GTX 670 with it.,3107-5.html
  6. minus all of above... i will be left about $500 for case,psu n video card..
    the intel thermal RTS2011LC is liquid cooler... is it still not good enough :??: or should i go for c.master v8?
  7. that liquid cooler is just fine for OC'ing.

    spend $300 on Graphics
    spend ~$70 on Case
    spend ~$130 on PSU
  8. Just some quick thoughts on this being a gaming rig. It depends on how steep the discount is because:
    - 3770K doesn't get you anywhere over the 3570K for gaming
    - you really only need 8GB to game, 16GB is enough to last longer than the life of this system - it looks like the bundle is 32GB - that's money wasted
    - do you really need 3TB to game? A 250GB SSD would be much faster and plenty for a typical gamer
    - do you need to write Blu-Rays from a gaming rig? an external backup drive is more cost effective

    I'd call that bundle a multimedia ripping/transcoding/media serving rig, not a gaming rig.
  9. yea... i guess i just buy 16GB of the ram lol
    btw... would gigabyte GTX690 compatible with the component?
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