nvidia geforce 210(1gb) vs nvidia geforce gt 610(2 gb)

Guys plz help me :(.Today i bought nvidia geforce gt 610 to replace nvidia geforce gt 210.Plz help me by telling which one is better.If i found out out i wasted money on nvidia geforce gt 610 i would die of a herat attack.Plz tell which is better for games like DMC 5,black ops 2,crysis 3?
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  1. Fire up the ambulance.

    Yea you wasted your cash, sorry. Its not going to play games. If I remember right the 610 is a rebadged 520, no use for playing games.

    Take it back if possible and buy nothing less than a 7750. It might be twice the price but its 15x the performance.
  2. u mean gt 210 better than gt 610?
  3. Why you did that? Not trying to be a dick, but with little research you could have take a 6670 for the same price. I think you can only play Black Ops 2 on the minimum setting. Forget about all the other games.
  4. i got flattered by seeing the packaging and looks.
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    a 610 is better than a 210, but it still sucks for gaming. You wont be able to play crysis 3 at all. Maybe you can play black ops on minimum settings but dont get your hopes up
  6. Well yea, try to get your cash back ASAP.
  7. Asura23 said:
    Well yea, try to get your cash back ASAP.

    I think i fucked up by cutting the tape joining he edges in half.
  8. plz someone suggest me an awesome graphics card for 50 usd.
  9. Whats the point in going from one piece of crap to another? Just save up and get something decent.
  10. Asura23 said:

    Yea if you need a card asap, then get this. Otherwise I would save up for a 7770 ghz.

    Btw whats the rest of you specs so we can suggest a better option?
  11. I have the same graphics card.....its not for gaming.....I know....but for all of those who say u cant play crysis 3.......i played it on my pc....and I am sure that those 2 games would also run but with some low graphics.....

  12. yeah i am sure you can play these games on gt610 , because i have this graphic card too. I am sure you can play black ops 2 and many games on low settings.
  13. Leave crysis i have the same. I suggest you buy gainward gt 610 cost 2900 brtter.
    You can play max payne 3 on it also battelfield 3 . Fifa 13 , saints row 3 , gta 4 . So reply for further details. I am an indian
  14. try to get a hd 7770, not the best but will be able to get decent fps on new-ish games
  15. don't bump old threads. Please?
  16. cst1992 said:
    don't bump old threads. Please?

    sorry thought it said 2014:(
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