Why doesn`t my new computer run my Minecraft singleplayer-world as good as servers?

I have a new computer, and we have moved my Minecraft singleplayer world from my old computer to this new. I dont have problems with servers, they work better than my singleplayer world, what is weird. I want to play my world, so... any suggestions?
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  1. Update Java.
  2. I have updated it. I did it yesterday.
  3. It would help if you posted the specs on your computer. Unfortunately, "new computer" doesn't always translate into "better"
  4. What are the specs for your new computer and what other applications are you running while playing Minecraft?
  5. Yea, sorry, I forgot to put them here. Just few minutes...
  6. Here:
    ASUS CM1831 FX-8120/8/1TB/GT640/DVD/W7HP
    ASUS CM Series CM1831 -1 x FX 8120 - RAM 8 Gt - HDD 1 x 1 Tt - DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM - GF GT 640 - Gigabit Ethernet - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    And COLGeek, I just run Skype while I am playing.
  7. In single player mode, your system acts as both server and client. That will affect performance. Skype will also impact performance, but should be fairly minimal.

    Do you have the option to use your old computer as a server and then play from your new PC with only the client running?
  8. A couple things you can do; increase the amount of ram allocated to Minecraft/java. Check the Minecraft boards for how to do that. Also, use Optifine if you are not already.

    You might try using MultiMC - this will let you tweak the ram settings and include the Optifine mod easier than doing both of those things yourself.
  9. COLGeek: Well, I don´t have chance to do that, my old laptop is broken. I have the latest version of Optifine, and when I use the multicore-chunkloading, it runs better, but in singleplayer, world flickers, and I haven´t disable "Threaded Optimization" / "OpenGL Threading" in the graphics card control panel, because I haven´t have time for that. That could help, I guess.

    JeremyRamsey: Like I said before this, I use the latest Optifine, and I have increased my RAM in Minecraft. Minecraft uses about half of my RAM now, and it has done it slightly better and smoother, but I still can´t use good settings in that world.

    Thank you both anyway! :)
  10. Are your video drivers up to date? I ask because of your "world flickers" comment.

    When running in single player mode, does the system seem sluggish overall, or do you only seem to have video issues? Trying to narrow down where you may need to make some adjustments to your config.
  11. Well, it seems I have just video issues, nothing else. And I have the Geforce Experience to keep my drivers up in date. I check it every time I play. I think I have all those things in date.
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    This is just a useful link:

    Still thinking about the problem. This comment from the page is something you should configure:

    The ”Video Settings -> Chunk Loading” option can switch between Standard, Smooth and Multi-Core chunk loading. Whenever you are using “Chunk Loading: Multi-Core” be careful and make sure that you Disable ”Threaded Optimization” / “OpenGL Threading” within graphics card control panel. Disable it globally all around for the best results."
  13. Yea, just that ”Threaded Optimization” /OpenGL Threading-thing is the same thing what I´m thinking. I will try that, because Multicore-setting makes the biggest difference, I think.
  14. That previous message included lots of thinking.
  15. Thank you for your help!
  16. Any improvement after applying the changes?
  17. Yea, disabling the "threaded optimization" made it working soooo much better, because I can now use the multicore-chunkloading without flickering,'s AWESOME!!! That helped a lot!!!! Thank-thank-thank-thank you so much!! Now I can really play that world again!! :D
  18. Good job! Enjoy!!
  19. 10000•10000 times yea!!!!!!!!!
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