Torrents downloading but browser does not loads any page...

Hi evry1,
I have a wireless Huawei Quidway wa1003a modem for my internet connection. Now the problem is that my internet is connected, my torrents are running at 110kbps but when i open any site on my browser, nothing shows up. I mean ust a page not found shows..
What i've tried-
1. Resetting my modem.
2. Trying the connection in my laptop even with Ubuntu.
3. Different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE.
4. Ping tests (read it on some thread).

But suddenly it started for a while this morning with a very low speed like it took 2-3min for !! and now its gone again.
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  1. Your torrent program is choking your router. Try limiting the number of connections in the torrent program options, or enabling your router's QoS engine (if applicable) to give torrents a lower priority.
  2. I always have just one torrent active because of low speed...
    And what's QoS engine and how to activate it ??
  3. Quality of Service engine. Essentially manages how your available bandwidth is distributed. You'd have to find info on your router as to enabling and setting it up.

    An example of what it does is gives high priority to streaming media or video games, while lowering priority to torrents. This way, your router will know that you're more concerned with watching a youtube video instead of downloading as fast as possible.
  4. I didn't see any of this option...
    I've configured my router many a times for wifi connectivity... Is that a problem??
    Also I m using a cross cable from a long time is that a problem?
  5. Sorry i saw it.. Its selected on UBR !
  6. Best answer
    Not every router has this option. This just means that you'll have to tweak your torrent program's setting instead.

    What is the number of connections your torrent program allows? It may be something that your router just can't cope with. Also, try limiting d/l and u/l max speeds.

    All that said, the simplest fix would be to just turn off torrenting when you are trying to do something else. Let it run overnight, or during the day when you're at work or school or whatever.
  7. I have tried turning off the torrents..
    I told you i tried it on my lappy which does not have any torrents either on windows or Ubuntu..
    What i think is that the modem is corrupted ! but not sure...
  8. or you downloaded somthing with a virus and it broke the browser
  9. Thanx 'wiggbot' 'the great randini' i got it...
    This problem occured to everyone in my neighbourhood for about 3 days...
    I guess the problem was at the internet service provider's desk!!
    Now my net is working again !!
    Still thanx..
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