Graphics Card With Heat Sink / Dual DVI Output


Any recommendations for a card with a heat sink (no fan - have noise issues).

Must have dual dvi output.

Out and out performance not the most important thing.

Any help gratefully received.

Thank you

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  1. what will it be used for?
    what's your budget?
  2. From what i've seen passively cooled cards aren't dual-dvi capable... Why not grab an aftermarket cooled one ??

    My old ASUS DirectCU II 560ti is totally silent (i can't hear that thing over Noctua and Antec Two cool at low speed fans) I also own the EVGA signature 2 version of the 680SC and it's totally silent too even in gaming, in fact the loudest thing in my 2 PC are the PSUs (One is CM silent pro gold M1000 and the other is a Antec NeoHE 550w)

    Newer GPU comes with aftermarket cooler and these are really good, quiet and reliable cooler (fan will never seize or make grinding noise) That part of GPUs aren't like old 480 or 5870 series in their time (basically a toaster with a really loud fan)
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    Easy to filter for those requirements at pcpartpicker:,3
  4. What is your budget? Finding a gpu without a fan is going to be pretty hard. There are a lot of gpu's that have fans but are very very quiet if you are not putting a load on the card. Also what are you planning to do? Gaming, casual internet, CS?
  5. Hello

    Will be used for pretty basic gaming (Civilisation, Football Manager - not very graphics intensive), surfing, work type stuff (office apps), watching dvds.

    Budget isn't the main driver on this, keeping the noise down is.

    Thank you
  6. I still maintain that newer aftermarket cooler are quiet but the suggestions from MauveCloud (,3) is the choice you have for totally silent and dual-dvi cards
  7. Thanks all for your help on this. I am way out of date on this stuff.....

    Love the pcpartpicker website - new one on me.
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