pc crashes when gpu load exceeds 100%

Hey guys,
So i'll be playing bf3 or some such game, my gpu load (looking at msi afterburner) will exceed 100%, 114% for example and then my screen will go black and the fans (probably cpu) run really loudly and i have to force shut it down via the power button. My cpu temps are nice and low as it's got brand new arctic silver 5 thermal paste and an evo hyper 212 cpu fan, and my gpu doesnt exceed about 80C, but it only restarts when it does this?

i5 2500k (was oc'd to a mere 4ghz, brought it back to standard clock and the error still occurs)
Asus p8z68v-lx mobo
8gb corsair venegance 1600mhz
EVGA Gtx 660 sc
OCZ 750w psu

thanks, Joe.
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  1. how can ur GPU exceed 100% utilization?

    update the drivers using the option that removes all old drivers and installs only new drivers
    while you are installing the drivers there is a "recommended" option that is selected by default and another option, select the other option.

    install EVGA Precision and check/manage your GPU with that program as well for redundancy.
  2. It's the GPU fans that goes 100% in failure mode from NVIDIA, but why...

    Did you try to update the drivers, you have an OC card, make sure OC settings are set correctly as in theory you can never pass the 100% state... (the card will ramp up but still be used at 99-100% like my 680 do at around 1300mhz boost clock)
  3. Kepler GPUs have a "power usage" that can exceed 100%. Most go to ~120% or so. (My 680 goes to 130%)
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