Difference between AMD FX 6300 and 8320

Is there a massive different in gaming between these two cpu's?
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  1. No, almost no difference at all. Gaming rarely can use 4 or more cores. Only recent games are starting to use up to 4 cores now. Battlefield 3 and Crysis 3 for example.
  2. According to these benchmarks the main difference is price, the 6300 is pretty much a 6 core 8320.
  3. well 6 cores are about to be utilized by the game industry, the extra 2 cores really help when it comes to productivity like Game and Film development.

    For performance, the 8320 will utilize 2 cores per module as 1 core, so it will share the workload. Thats why AMD went with the 4 module set up instead of independent modules. The fx-6300 has 2 modules utilizing 2 cores each and module 3 &4 will utilize just 1 core. I don't know what will happen when the industry switches to 6 cores, but it seems like the 8 core will benefit less in the future as of now. It might be possible that the 2 extra cores might be utilized to take some of the load off of the 6 core. Depends on how the programs are built. As far as i know, Microsoft and the Game Industry are taking the 8 core as the new staple. PS3, Wii U, Xbox 720, etc. Even the new generation games like crysis 3 and far cry 3 really love the 8 core. Its like on avg of 10fps more than the 6300.
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