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Hello. I am building a new rig for gaming/video rendering/general use. These are the specs I've picked out:
Intel i7-3770K
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
Intel BOXDH77 Mobo
G.Skill 8GB RAM

I am just wondering if this power supply: [url=
is going to be good enough for that. If not, which power supply should I get?
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  1. ugh sorry link doesn't work, but here is what it is: Rosewill Stallion Series RD400-2-SB 400W ATX 12V v2.2 Power Supply
  2. No, i would get a better power supply. Get somone from Antec/corsair/XFX/seasonic. That has 8- plus efficency rating. what is your budget for a power supply.
  3. Probably about $60ish........ can you give me a link?
  4. Also, do oyou know of a barebone kit that would give me a better power supply than that one?
  5. Soo you are getting all those nice parts and cheaping out on the part that needs to power them? A good power supply will last you through many upgrades and I have always said its wise to plan for more. This is a really nice PSU that will run any system with any single video card you want to throw at it. It's $35 instant saving and has a $15 code making it $75. However, you are getting very good quality.

    Also, do I am not sure what motherboard you listed. That doesn't seem to be a model of H77 I could find. Also, if you are getting a "K" model CPU you will want Z77 motherboard for overclocking. Otherwise just get a non-K CPU and save a few bucks.
  6. Do no buy a bare bone kit. just buy all the parts separately.
  7. HarDHar said:
    Also, do oyou know of a barebone kit that would give me a better power supply than that one?

    Do all those parts come in a kit? If so link us? Typically I see kits with that one part they are trying to get rid of because no one wants it. Just curious on this.
  8. yes I know of one that comes with RAM, case, power supply and HDD (I was planning on buying the core and vid card seperately):
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    According to the GPU you need 450W or higher

    All 3 of these will do the job
    XFX 450
    Corsair 500W
    Corsair 600W

    the XFX is the best made of these 3 but the Corsairs are tier2 and still very good supplies.
  10. by the way with my mobo i meant this one: Intel BOXDH77KC
    heres the link:
  11. ooo, you generally never want to get a case with a built in power supply. they are usually very poor quality, and have a higher failure rate. Which could compromise anything you have hooked up to it. If you let us know you full budget. We would be happy to give you some recommendations on parts.
  12. I agree with tenaciousk. You should put up a new thread asking for help selecting parts for your new build. Use the format described in the "*How to Ask for New Build or Upgrade Advice*" sticky to get the best responses. I'm not impressed with that combo. The HD reviews are so-so and the RAM isn't even dual channel. We could do better...
  13. Keep in mind you will also have to pick up a processor and operating system. and it helps to have a optical drive.
  14. My full budget is $900-$1000, but that is including monitor price. I am also planning on getting an SSD to install my OS on. However, the price of the SSD is not included in this budget as my friend said he'd buy me one. I already have a cd drive to put in it as well I was planning on buying the barebone kit I sent you the link for, the core i7, the nvidia gtx 660, the intel BOXDH77KC and the monitor. P.S. I'm pretty sure that is all I need, but let me know if I'm missing something.
  15. oh, perhaps I should have put that in the new thread i'm about to put up sorry :)
  16. I'd say get an i5 and save $100 and put that towards some better parts. Most people don't need an i7 as you really only get hyperthreading out of it. It's still 4 cores.
  17. thanks guys, you given me alot to consider.
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