HELP! XFX 6870 Replacement Cooler/Fan!

I just noticed my temperatures on my XFX 6870 (non double fan ed) started getting too hot. Started shutting my computer down when getting over 100c. Applied new thermal paste, small help not much still around 98c at load. Just noticed that the fan sputters sometimes and then will start spinning again. Now the question is, is it worth it to replace the cooler or purchase a new gpu? I would prefer to replace fan but not sure which replacement route to go, any suggestions?

I wanted a zalman vf3000a but unable to find. Thinking about a ZALMAN VF900 or possibly ARCTIC Accelero TT II
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  1. i personally would go with the Arctic Cooling. i bought one for my 6850 and had it oc'd to 875 and never goes above 65c loaded. very good deal for the money.
  2. Alc,

    Same card, same exact problem. Did you find a replacement fan or end up going with a different cooler? I have had a terrible time trying to find the correct fan to put in this thing.
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