PC turn off 2-3 minutes and turn on later when playing sc2

My CPU is i7 3930k
GPU is EVGA GTX 580 GDDR5 3gb. temps when playing games with 85% fan is 42-47 degree
CPU temps is under 45 degree.
Corsair Hydro H100 and PSU Silent Pro 1000W
I don't know why it is keeping turn off 2-3 minutes and turn on. I know it is heating problems but the temperatures are all fine in my opinion.
Thanks a lot for the help
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  1. may be a defective psu or that the psu doesnt deliver enough power, or that the psu is overheating
  2. is that really 1000W not enough for the 3930K + 580 GTX + Liquid Cooling H100? When I build the PC, I researched some PCbuilder website and they displayed that 1000W is enough for two of 580GTX
  3. Please help
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