What "Size" power supply do i need, minimum.

I know I need atleast 500w because of the gpu, but how much more? Hopefully not much.

i5-750 quad

Cooler master V8 cpu cooler/Heatsink

MSI P-55 SD50 motherboard
(has 10 usb)

Radeon 6770 Hd 1 Gb

Corsair 8gb ram

Intel 80gb SSD

1Tb HDD 7200rpm

Xigmatek asgard 381:
1 rear 80mm fan
2x120mm/140mm front fans
2x120mm/140mm side fans
2x120mm/140mm top fans
2x120mm/140mm bottom fans

Planning on using at most 6 fans.
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  1. And an optical drive.
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    The most your 6770 GPU will use is 108 watts; your CPU 95watts.
    The recommend PSU(power supply) for you system is 450 watts(with one 6 pin PCIe connector available).
    Nothing else uses much power: drives, ram, fan ect...
    The overkill is so your PSU is never loaded at 100%; 108+95... you'll never even be at 50% of 450.

    You could get a 600 watt if you think you might go crossfire(two 6770's) in the future.
    450+108=558 and then round up to 600 for the safety margin. And again, that's what AMD(ATI Radeon) recommends. Also of note: the 6770 is a direct refresh/name-change of the 5770. You can even crossfire them.
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