Hyper 212X Artic MX-4 thermal paste application


I have the Hyper 212X , Artic Mx-4 Thermal Paste and the CPU (Phenom II x6).

I've read a lot about the best way to apply thermal paste but I wanted to pick the community's brain one more time to see if anyone has installed this specific cooler before.

I think I'm probably going to just do the small dot of paste on the center of the CPU and then apply the cooler, but I've heard others talk about adding a small amount of paste to the cooler first, or just applying the dot to the cooler.

Anyone have any insight?

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  1. most people use the dot or pea spot on the cpu and install the cooler .
  2. Had to look up the 212X. Didn't know about that one. Seems to have the same base as the ECO so no need to cover the base with TIM like on the 212+. Most use dot/pea in center though I'm old school and spread it manually. Either should be fine.
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