Intel i5 3570K vs. AMD FX 8350

I will be doing some minor picture editing and some heavy gaming like BF3 and Black Ops 2, I will also be using a lot of computer coding, like using java and stuff like that, what processor should I use, I prefer the two listed in the title but as long as its under $220 I'm just fine with that...
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  1. If you game more than code/edit, then i5 all the way.

    If you do alot of crunching I suggest an AMD, the 8 cores are better at smashing through a video compression than an i5.
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  3. for gaming go with i5 3570k
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    Like austing said, they have two VERY different areas of expertise.

    The i5-3570k is by FAR faster, core per core, but the 8350 has the advantage in heavily multithreaded apps.
  5. Go for which ever based on sale or motherboard features, is what I would say. Typically the AMD platform can be had for less. The 8350 does use more power and create more heat. check out linus tech tips on youtube, he has done 3 videos on these two matched up.
  6. Both fine solutions, are you overclocking or not? If battlefield is your main consern the 8350 will perform better in, one of the few games actually optimized for more cores, other games the 3570k will edge slightly ahead, if you plan to overclock Id go with the amd or wait for the 4570k to come out next month, from personnal experience ivy bridge is not to great at overclocking especially this late into life, all the golden chips are gone.
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