which amd build vs intel gaming

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  1. If this is for gaming I would get the i5. If you are going to do cpu intensive multi-threaded stuff then AMD. They are both good build btw.
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    Those are practically the same build except different cpu/mobo.
    Assuming this is only gaming, they are both good. FX-8350 wins in some games, i5-3570k in others. It doesn't really matter.
  3. does anyone think there will be games that will take advantage of 8 cores in the near future
  4. I think Crysis 3 already does. Not sure if more will follow. But then Crysis 3 also needs crazy gpu for ultra settings.
  5. I believe Battlefield 3 uses 6cores and Crysis uses 8cores. It's expected that more games will start to use more cores, but no one knows. Still, the difference between the two cpus aren't that huge.
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