Asus p8z77-v pro vs Asrock extreme 6

(I apologize in advance for being a noobie)
I plan on over clocking my i7 3700k and gtx 670, but I need the right motherboard. I hear Asrock have flimsy motherboards, and get mixed opinions. Asus on the other hand, seams great, except for the driver problems some people seem to have with their graphics cards on an asus mobo. The asus is $60, but comes with built in wifi and a couple more bells and whistles. Is it worth it? will my graphics card work with it? And when browsing motherboards I always see
does that mean I need to overclock something (like my processor) of I buy ram thats 2400 mhz already? Or will my 2400 mhz ram only run at 1600 unless I change a setting in my BIOS.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!
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  1. For just overclocking, get the gigabyte z77x ud3h, it has 6 real digital phases (asus has 6 and asrcok has 4) while being quite a bit cheaper

    You'll need to OC the ram to use that speed. So if you buy a 1866mhz kit of ram and your mb supports it, it will default to 1600mhz until you manually change the ram speed+ timings to 1866mhz.
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