Need 5.1 channel speakers with HDMI or Digital coaxial input

Hi All,

I have a sony DVD with 2.1 channel output. It also have HDMI & digital coaxial out puts. I want to connect a 5.1 channel speaker system to it. Can anybody tell me how to? Is there any model available with any of these input connectivity?
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  1. Sony DVD player with 2.1? More info needed. Speaker info needed.
  2. thee_prisoner said:
    Sony DVD player with 2.1? More info needed. Speaker info needed.

    It's a DVD player with HDMI & 2.1 channel audio output. It also has a digital coaxial output. I want to purchase a 5.1 channel speaker system which can be connected to my above said DVD player using HDMI cable or digital coaxial cable to get the surround sound. But when I search in web, found that there is no such speaker system available. So even if I buy a 5.1 channel speaker system, how can I connect to my 2.1 channel DVD player?
  3. If you don't plan on using a receiver or any other kind of amp, you will need to by active speakers(active, meaning powered speakers(speakers with built in amps)).

    You will only get 2.1 surround since that is what your DVD outputs. Look for active speakers that have an optical input. Many computer speaker systems have optical inputs or if you want a better quality sound you could go for some home audio powered speakers like some on this link.
    [ For example, 2.1 you could get 2 studio monitor speakers and a sub woofer.

    Happy Listening, the Prisoner.
  4. I haven't found any active 5.1 speaker's with Optical(co-axial) input. I have searched show rooms & websites. Only found Logitec Z906, which is no more available and expensive also.
    Anyone knows any other budget models?
  5. Your "DVD player" sounds like it is a home theater in a box with speaker terminals for left and right front speakers and sub? The digital audio output would have to feed a surround sound system not just speakers. The Logitech Z906 has this but just a set of speakers does not. If the digital out will do 5.1 channel you could connect it to this:
    and then to a 5.1 channel speaker system with separate analog inputs.
  6. @americanaudiophile ;

    My DVD player doesn have amplifier and out put is left & right only( i.e., 2.1). So if I need to get 5.1 surround sound, I need to connect the player to some active speakers with digital input. Thats wat I'm looking for.
  7. left and right is not 2.1... the x.1 is designated for sub woofer only. If you want 5.1 you need a receiver that will handle it and send digital signal from computer to it. You will also need more speakers. The DVD player has nothing to do with getting a digital signal from computer to receiver and you don't need it.
  8. @Lumber-Jack
    Thanks for clarifying about 2.1.

    My Sony DVD/DVX player, have a left- right RCA output, and one Digital co-axial and one HDMI out. Also it doesn't have an in-built amplifier.
    Can u please give a solution then, to get a 5.1 surround output?
  9. Use the HDMI out from the dvd player to a receiver. That will give you 5.1. Analog or HDMI will only give you true discrete 5.1. SPDIF can only send compressed audio for 5.1.
  10. @thee prisoner,

    Thanks! Could please suggest a good receiver and speaker system which is reasonable in price also?
  11. It will only give your Dolby digital from whatever is playing in the DVD player. Those all in one DVD players aren't the best thing and can only do one thing. You are better off just buying an old (but) receiver and speaker from Kijiji. I have built 4 separate sound systems in my house now for little money going this route. Educated yourself a bit and wait for a good dea.
  12. BKB999 said:
    @thee prisoner,

    Thanks! Could please suggest a good receiver and speaker system which is reasonable in price also?

    What is your budget?
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