A Repeating Error Amd, steam and chrome crash all at once. Dell technicians have no fix.

On startup or at random times my laptop does something very odd; Amd Catalyst control centre host application crashes, Steam Bootstrapped client stops responding and google chrome doesn't load webpage although explorer works fine.
This has be a re-occurring problem for me, I have spoken with Dell technicians had my pc wiped had my motherboard replaced but still this issue ensues! I need your help. Thankyou
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    There are a few possible issues.
    My first guess is AMD's display drivers.
    They're notoriously poor for switchable graphics; I had (and still have on occasion) the same issue with my Intel/AMD laptop.

    Assuming yours is an Intel/AMD laptop, you can try googling Leshcatlabs, which should provide some unofficial drivers that resolve most of the issues.

    Whether you use those, or the official drivers from Dell/AMD, make sure you do a clean uninstall first (most than just uninstalling via program manager) and install the latest official releases--NOT the beta drivers.

    Once you have everything running solid again, try it out for a day and let us know how it went.

    (Also, on the off-chance it isn't these drivers, you can always check the event viewer when these crashes occur to see what specifically is causing them)
  2. Thankyou for the help, I had my card replaced and have done as you said all is running smoothly and even though it's a tad risky the beta drivers are working very well with my system. This is after a week and there have been no crashes. I have found the issue which is the windows update for advanced micro-devices which amd drivers use aswell, this causes a clash in the drivers so i'm preventing the update from downloading and that seems to be the fix. Thanks you again! :)
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