Which power connectors to connect to this video card?

Hey guys, I have an MSI R7870-2GD5T/OC HD 7870 2GB card and a Corsair CX600 power supply.

The video card has these power ports (6 pins per set, 2 sets):

The box also came with these two fellas:

That have only 5 pins per set (2 cables, so 2 sets):

Those cables connect to these guys from the power supply:

However, the power supply actually comes with PCI-E power cables:

But as you see, they're 6 pins per set (plus 2 detached on the side that I don't count), and there are two of those cables.

So, my question is this, guys, should I connect the PCI-E cables that came with the power supply (6 pin ones), or should I connect the ones that came with the card (5 pin ones)? The card itself has 2 6-pin ports as you see... so I wonder.

None of the documentation I have answers this question, so I was hoping someone here knows.
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  1. Can use the ones directly from the power supply. The ones that came in box with video card are adapters for computers that don't have enough 6pin PCIe cables. They are molex to pcie adapters. Honestly, you can either use the pci cables directly from the power supply or the adapters. The only drawback will be the adapters add more clutter to the inside of your case.
  2. How come they're not 6 pin adapters? They're 3 pin on the power supply side with 1 empty dummy pin and 5 pins on the card side with 1 empty dummy pin. Kind of odd. Wonder what the extra pins is for that's missing. I'll end up using the power supply ones (don't think there will be any harm).
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    Always try to use the PCIe cables that are attached to or came with the PSU.

    The adapter cables just introduce another potential point of failure. In some cases some of the cheap adapters cause a measurable voltage drop and will actually cause the graphics card or system to malfunction.
  4. K, thanks.
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