Can i Run The Sapphire Radeon HD 6450

I Have a 400W PSU With
+12v1 10A
+12v2 14A
I Have 2 HDD's I Can Get Rid of the 2 one if it consumes too much power.
i have no optical drive.
i have a ecs945-gct-m2 motherboard and it should be backwards compatible with my system.
i have 2 sticks of 1gb ddr2 ram.
so can i run it?
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  1. Yes ofcourse you can run
    400W PSU With +12v1 10A +12v2 14A is enough if its genuine.
    BUT if the psu is not a good make might create problem in future.
  2. Not on that low end card it wont. You wont be doing much gaming on that card if that is your purpose for buying it.
  3. i will be replacing the psu in a little bit of a future and yes i play games.
    the psu is codegen.
  4. forget the hd 6450 - really bad for gaming.

    get atleast hd 6570 1gb and it will work with your psu
  5. i have asked on the computerforums site that can i run the hd6570 and they said i need to upgrade my psu or will it work?
  6. it will work fine as it has 43w tdp,while at peak load it will take around just 30-35w
  7. when i play games will the psu survive then.
  8. and i think i will get rid of my older hard drive only as its 40gb only
  9. Best answer
    yep hd consumes 15-20w so it will be more better.anyways hd 6570 will work with your psu fine
  10. yeah immma get rid of my old hard drive. and buy the hd 6570 for 60 £
  11. oh and what tdp means?
  12. okay thanks im going to buy the graphics card tommorow or near next week.
  13. i tried the newegg psu calculator and it said with the radeon hd 6570 it said 239W
  14. minepro said:
    i tried the newegg psu calculator and it said with the radeon hd 6570 it said 239W

    it is fine you have 400w psu
  15. Thanks Then.
  16. that is for saying.donot worry you will be fine
  17. are you sure how do amps work do my amps aka dual rail amps work like +12v1 + +12v2 combined are the amps?
  18. so are you SURE?
  19. yes sure
  20. but the guys at computerforums said i need a better psu with more amps
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