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Does my PSU have a 75W 6-pin PCI Express Power Connector?

So my PC has been lacking GPU power and I'm looking for a good replacement.
I currently have a ATI Radeon 6450.
This is the graphics card I want to buy:

And these are my PSU specs:
Make: Win power
Model: AD-E500AE-A5/A6
AC Input: 115V/60Hz 230V/50Hz
DC Output: +3.3V | +5V | +12V1 | +12V2 | -12V | +5VSB
Max Output Current: 15A | 18A | 14A | 14A | 0.5A | 2A
Total Power: 500W

Would my PSU have a 75W 6-pin PCI Express Power Connector?
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    Yes and the card is ok. But the PSU isnt realy a good one, why not get a cheap Corsair CX430?
    And you can always use two molex to 6pin converter if you need more pcie connector.

    Edit: yes a 7770 will gve you better framerates playing battlefield 3 when paired with the 3.6ghz quad and ofcourse a good PSU
  2. Alright, thanks.
    I think I'll get the 7750 then.
    Would it be able to run some of the newest FPS games with a quad core 3.6 processor?
    Like BF3 and so on.
  3. First it only had 14A each in 12v rails at tops it can supply 288 - 336 watts (so it's not a true 500w PSU)
    how old are this PSU.. ? (looks like it still using pasive ones)

    about the connector, can u check it manually on the PSU?
    if there is no connector, usually the card also include converter from two 4pin molex to one pci-ex 6 pin connector so u can still use it...

    but it will better if u go with newer PSU, having no connector usually means the PSU cannot handle it...
  4. The PSU is brand new.
  5. The label won't say; you'll have to look for the cable (currently not in use, but present, perhaps tied out of the way).
    In any case, I don't see anything online about your specific PSU, but some general things about WinPower that make me doubt its quality. If it does not have a PCIe power cable, I would NOT use an adapter, as it may not have the actual +12V amperage to power a video card (regardless of what's on the label).
    A 380W Antec Earthwatts or 360W Seasonic G360 would have no trouble powering a HD6770 or even a HD7850.
    If replacing your PSU is not an option, look for a HD7750 instead. Almost as powerful as the HD6770, it needs no auxiliary power cable.
  6. for info :

    7770 is better from 6770/5770 in directx11 games, but slower in older games..
    7750 is slower than 6770/5770...
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