Looking for the best way to import user info and data from an inaccessiable profile to a new profile in Windows 8

Hey, I'm kinda looking for a best practice on this.

A member of staff was accidentally deleted off the AD and instead of restoring the account it was rebuilt. Out of my hands, it happened. The person who rebuilt it is out but we know he recreated new associations in SharePoint, CRM, etc. and we don't want to lose don't work.

My problem is that the old user profile and data is on the local machine but I want to know the best way to copy the data over, to preserve as much settings, saved passwords, etc. as possible. Because the new AD account is identically named to the old one, I can't log in and use something like Easy Transfer. I've tested editing the profileList in regedit but the results haven't been predictable.

Any help?
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  1. So in the end I used a tool called User Migration Tool. It is designed for upgrading local accounts to domain accounts but worked for my purposes too.


    I installed and ran it, selected a profile on the system (from a list provided by the tool) and clicked Assign to. From there I could enter any Domain account. Worked a treat. Quick and simple. No roadbumps or potholes so far.
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