monitor shuts off when i use graphics card

hi guys, i recently bought a graphics card, and it is supposed to be a very good graphics card but when i put it in it just turns off monitor
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  1. Did you uninstall your current video drivers before putting it in? What are the specs and PSU? Are you plugging the monitor cable into the port on the GPU? If you have the GPU in there can you get video from the onboard gpu?
  2. hmm how do i uninstall current video drivers?
  3. Should be in control panel > add/remove programs (depending on windows version, wording changes) Should be something like video driver or video graphics adapter. what its called is dependent on what was installed but it should be really apparent what it is.

    Once you have it uninstalled and rebooted windows should then be using the "one size fits all" graphics driver then we might see some progress.
  4. how bout intel graphics accelerator driver?
  5. Yup, thats it.
  6. or go to device manager and disable it.
  7. nitanoonoo said:
    or go to device manager and disable it.

    That would just stop windows from seeing it. He would still have the problem of booting into an OS with an improper driver. Its likely that he has to go into the bios and disable his onboard gpu after he uninstalls his video drivers, seeing as how he got no signal at all, not even a post.
  8. thanks guys removing the driver worked after rebooting :) games running smoothly now
  9. No problem. Did you install your new GPU drivers. They are important for performance. If thats all, select someone as best answer and a mod will close this thread.
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