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hi all can someone please help me with my key its been rubbed away and i can only make some of it out heres a pic i have blacked out the bits that i can fully read
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    Contact your manufacturer with product number or contact microsoft with product number on their sticker. They should have database and should be able to provide you your key.
  2. Contacft HP for help. Otherwise, we can't help.
  3. tried they wont help can someone look at the pic and try and figre it out please ?
    COLGeek said:
    Contacft HP for help. Otherwise, we can't help.
  4. Have you tried with microsoft? And then do registration over phone? They should provide support for this... At least they do in Croatia.
  5. P3 33 CP Y6TH6 ?XXHJ
    Provide what you have to MS and they can probably give you another key.
  6. If the computer will boot, you can use produkey to retrieve the information. This is legal, BTW.
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