Help with ps3 hack!

Hello, I was playing world at war with my brother online and these other people had hacks. Suddenly our ps3 went strange as if it had a hack and we were able to play at like 5X speed. It was awful. Now we quit the game and we went to the main menu. I then wanted to play online again and it showed the team deathmatch in grey and I couldn't go on it. It said 'unlocked at level 1' therefore unlocked is past tense and it should be unlocked, plus I was level 15. Also I had to get something like 20,000,000,000 xp until next level!!!!! Definitely been hacked while I was playing the game. Unbelievable and I spent money on map packs. Is there anything I can do??? I have restored ps3 by quick restore and it still doesn't work! I don't know what to do.
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  1. contact sony support online. Tell them of the situation, and they should look into it for you.
  2. No worry all sorted, called up and had to create a new id
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