Netflix in Windows Media Center (Control Panel)

I have been try to resolve a issue with 3 MKV videos all of a sudden not being able to play in WMC, I use media browser. In trying to figure out the problem, I downloaded VCL and the videos worked there, so I know the issue is not the file. It was suggested to me that I should try to repair WMC by going into the control panel-uninstall- windows media center and then repair.

However, is was unable to find WMC instead I came across Netflix in WMC,(I did install the Netflix plugin) and there was no repair option just a straight uninstall. BTW this is now about my 3 day trying to figure this issue out. Would it just be easier for me to just rip the movies over again? Also I noticed that several Microsoft updates did go through recently, perhaps this may have caused the issue, what are some updates that might have caused this issue for me.
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