my games keep crashing

today my pc started to act weird. i wanted to play some Arma II after playing some GMOD and my Arma II just keeps crashing. restarted my pc and it was solved.
played some Arma II and wanted to play GMOD ater. but then GMOD crashed. restarted it and it worked again.
this has repeated itself 3 times now and im getting annoyed by it. anyone has experienced this problem before? or can someone help me getting rid of it?

my pc:
GPU: radeon 6850
CPU: amd phenom II X3 720
OS: win 7 64 bit
PSU: 500W antec
RAM: 4 gig ddr2
mobo: gigabyte 720-us3
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    update ur graphics driver to the latest ones. when you exit a game, ensure that it is gone out of task manager, and check that your system utilization isn't at gaming level while in there.
  2. Thx for the fast reply, ill try out everything this afternoon and let you know what results i got.
  3. updating the drivers worked, thx for the help
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