need some help.. new system graphics card is not working (artifacts)

Hello, I just got a new system, they pre-built it for me and shipped it to me for free, anyways, when I plugged it in I get two bad artifact stripes (they are vertical and on the right side).

I removed the graphics card and reseated it and the problem was exactly the same. I don't know what to do at all... onboard video card works at least and system seems to be totally fine besides the artifacts in the bios.

HIS ICe-Q HD7950 gpu
Intel I7 3770k
Asrock Z77 Extreme-4
M12 750w PSU
16 GB g.skill ripjaw
kingston vertex SSD 240gb

any help is much appreciated!
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  1. please RMA your graphics card and try not to mess with your PC to much. You may damage another component in trouble shooting.

    Easiest way to prove the Videocard is bad is getting another card Nvidia or AMD and seeing if you have artifacts.

    Artifacts on post is a clear cut bad videocard. If it was only in Windows then i could of blamed bad drivers or overclocking the issue.

    artifacts = bad memory on videocard or overheating.
  2. pls disregard..posted in wrong topic. cant find delete....
  3. I was worried about this.. the GPU worked fine in the shop before the computer was shipped out without graphics, but I suppose it was broken during shipping. I will try to see if the card has the same artifacts on another system when I can. Unfortunately the RMA process here looks pretty grim, and it looks like more than likely I will have to eat the full cost of the brand new card :(
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