Sudden loss of total disk space, is my SSD dying?

Over lunch my 120gb SSD went from 87gbs free space to a few MB. I restored from a Paragon image I had. What could have caused this? The only clue I "might" have is this past week I installed the latest version of CCleaner which now includes a dupe cleaner. I used it, examined the dupes and deleted them. A day or so later I had a strange PC freeze which has never happened since I built this in May. I just used W7 System Restore and all was good. Installed new CC version again and used the dupe cleaner again. If the removing a duplicate is causing either of these phenomenas it doesn't happen immediately. Any theories and thank you!
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  1. Hi :)

    CC Cleaner is one of those awful programs we uninstall from customers machines as it just causes too many problems...

    Run the SSD Toolbox from the makers support site...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Which SSD and are you using the latest FW version and is your MB bios using the latest BIOS update.

    Reason for asking is that:
    Intel SSD had a 5mb bug
    Curcial M4 had a 5000 Hr bug
    Buth were fixed thru FW update.
  3. Thank you for the replies! All does now indeed seem normal. I used the Kingston (SSD) tool and it shows the drive (and all its attributes as being 100% healthy. If it was malware it got past both Norton A-V and Malwarebytes Pro.
    edit: After reading these posts, more than ever I believe it was CCleaners new duplicate cleaner!
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