GTX 670 FTW or 680 for Battlefield 4?

Ok so as many of you know, battlefield 4 is coming out this fall and I am wondering if I should get a 670 FTW, a 680 reference, or stick with my current hd 7870. Keep in mind I want to play the game on max settings at 60fps on a 1080p resolution. The lower the price the better!
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  1. Too small of an upgrade, if you ask me. performance wise, the difference is kinda small.

    Also Battlefield 4 is possibly going to be an AMD favored game, as the demo of Battlefield 4 ran on a Radeon 7990 reference GPU.

    As it is right now, no one is sure of the requirements, so better hold your money back, because the upgrade will not get you far.
  2. I would wait till its closer to release time before upgrading.
  3. Wait for next gen GPU.
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    I personally have both a 670 FTW and a reference 680, and I ran some benches on both (including BF3).

    What I have concluded is: The 670 FTW at it's factory overclocked settings actually performs 4% better than the reference 680, while also staying cooler and quieter - plus its also draws less power.

    I personally use the 670 FTW for my everyday gaming and use - and I picked mine up for $319 AR. I have never had a single problem with it and it's one of my favorite video cards of all time.

    My recommendation (obviously) goes to the GTX 670 FTW.
    However, another approach would simply be to stay with your 7870 and OC it until either AMD's 8xxx series comes out, which is due for Q1 of 2014, or Nvidia's 7xx series, which is due for more like Q2-3 of 2014, based on this generation's release dates.
  5. If you were purchasing now, I would go with a 7970 over an NVidia card. Otherwise, wait until the release of the game and get next gen cards. AMD may include BF4 in their next Never Settle Bundle as well.
  6. Seeing as no one has ever played this should...
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