DO I need a new motherboard and CPU?

I've recently been upgrading my computer and I've noticed that the performance hasn't really increased by much. I'm assuming it's due to my outdated CPU. After searching a bit it looks like I can't upgrade my CPU much due to my motherboard. Here are my specs right now...

Graphics: Hd 7850 Sapphire OC 2gb (new part)
PSU: Corsair GS600 (new part)
RAM: 8gb Patriot-S 1333 (2x4gb New part)
CPU: AMD Athlon II x4 640 3ghz (old)
Motherboard: ASUS m4a78lt-m-le (old)

I upgraded from a 550w PSU, 4gb ram and a Hd 5570, so I was expecting a considerable increase in performance in gaming, especially considering I only play at 1440x900. Unfortunately in games such as the ARMA 3 Alpha, my fps have only increased from 30fps average to 40fps average on low settings. Other examples include Guild Wars 2 having only a 5-10fps increase and Shogun 2 Total War having around 5-10fps increase.

Is it safe to say that this is being caused by an outdated CPU?

If so, is there a decent choice of motherboard and CPU that would be good for my setup for around $300 Australian?

I'd prefer EBay or parts from this site

Thank you so much in advance.
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  1. According to this page
    Can my current Mobo only use the CPU's that are specifically listed? I thought it was strange there wasn't a single intel CPU listed... It says it supports 95w and 45nm... Are those the only guidelines I really need, or do I strictly have to follow the 'supported CPUs' list? Thanks again!
  2. I don't understand. It says AM3 socket, therefore you can only use AM3 processors.
  3. Yeah sorry, I'm new to replacing parts in the computer, but I understand that now, thanks :)
    Perhaps I'll just save up a bit more money and get something worthwhile in terms of the mobo and CPU.
    For now I could always pick up a Phenom II X6 1075T (3ghz) or maybe a Phenom II X4 955 (3.2ghz).

    Just to be clear though, would it definitely be my CPU that's causing my low frame rates in games?
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    Get yourself a Intel i5 3570K and a AS rock Z77 Pro3 mobo
  5. Yes, you can add a Am3 processor and supports up to 95 watts, which means there are cpu upgrades you can do. however, yes you are still limited. If you wanted to update the cpu. which i think is def your bottleneck here. you could go with something like this.
  6. Thanks guys.
    @sanilmahambre: I was actually just looking at that exact combination :p
    I'll Pick them up as soon as possible and let you guys know if it solved my problems. Cheer!
  7. Good luck pal
  8. No, don't get an AsRock. Get the P8Z77-V LK from ASUS.
  9. The thing is ....

    You are now limited by your video card. Spending $300-$400 (after spending $200 on the card?) is arse-backwards.

    You should be spending $300-$400 on your video card, and $200 on your RAM and motherboard ... something like the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 AM3+

    A Propus quad at 3.5GHz or so ain't gonna hold back an HD7970 that much ...
  10. If he gets a new monitor and starts playing a lot of action games, then that's true. Considering the games he's playing, and the resolution he's playing at though, a powerful CPU makes sense.
  11. Basically what helz IT said, at 1440x900 I should be fine with a 7850. I've seen people run some pretty tech-heavy games with the 7850 and at much higher resolutions than me.

    @SHORYUKEN: Which advantages would I get with a P8Z77-V LK?
  12. Sturdy build quality, a decent amount of features and better overclocking.
  13. Its a good board if you are ready to shed $40 extra
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