i5 3570k + gtx 660 non ti or fx 6300 + 660ti?

So yes, pretty simple guys. I'm looking to buy a med-high end system and I'm stoked on whether to get the fx 6300 with the gtx 660ti or the i5 3570k with the gtx 660 non ti becuase beleive or not, it costs only £20's more for the i5 combo! I will most likely be playing the latest games (plantside 2, battlefield 3, bioshock infinite and other good ol' games). I've heard that most games are gpu intensive, but the idea of getting a powerful processor is un-avoidable. Although, no I'm not a Intel or AMD fanboy. Whatever's better is my mentality. So what do you guys think? Small GPU boost, or quite a large CPU boost performance wise. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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    For long term viability, I'd choose the Intel build. Graphics cards are easy to upgrade over time.
  2. 3570k and 660 is a good choice
  3. If you will overclock then 3570k + 660. It will play High settings in all games. No question.
  4. Thanks for help guys. My PC build is a one step closer to being in my hands! (Just ordered it on Amazon.)
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