No video output from onboard graphics.

Hi Guys
Running a fairly basic Acer Aspire X3950 and it has run for around two and a half years with no issues. Pressed the start button this morning and the computer sounds like it is firing up but there is nothing on the monitor.
Please note that this computer runs onboard graphics and does not have a separate graphics card.
So far I have
Tried the monitor with the PS3 and it works fine.
Swapped the VGA cable output for the HDMI output and still nothing.
Removed the PSU and powered up from an alternative PSU and still nothing.
When I say nothing I mean that everything seems to fire up but there is just no video output.

It may be worth mentioning that when I press the start button the fan starts for about 1 second, then stops for about 1 second, then gets going again. This is not normal for this computer.

Any thoughts? Is there a way to check the Motherboard or processor.

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  1. did you try to check you ram stick in another similar system but it could be the onboard video chipset that is out try a graphic pci-e card on the motherboard to see if monitor receive signal .
  2. Hi Scout, thanks for your quick response.
    The computer is now running with video output. Not sure what I did so I am saving all photos just in case.
    This seems to be a temperamental thing where it works for a short while then stops.
    I will let you know tomorrow if it fires up again properly ( or not)
  3. i use hwinfo to check my temp
  4. Hi. Have the same problem. No video signal. How did u fix it. Note: im not a very technical person
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