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Graphics card = ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO (128 MB) with DVI, VGA and composite outputs.

Using DVI to connect to DELL monitor. Want to connect using VGA so I can use my big TV.

Test procedure using DELL monitor: Disconnect DVI, connect VGA, select Analog input on monitor. Result = background wallpaper image displayed at low resolution. Mouse pointer visible. No windows.


Computer Dell Inspiron 531
Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
CPU Type DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2600 MHz (13 x 200) 5000+
Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce 6100-4xx, AMD Hammer
Memory 3GB

What's going on...?? Any help much appreciated... ;)

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  1. When connected via vga, right click on the desktop / screen resolution an select the right resolution for your monitor. It is obviously not detected automatically. And what do you want to end up with? DVI for the monitor and vga for the tv?
  2. Initially, I would like the monitor to read a VGA signal from my graphics card. If I can get this to work then I can feed the VGA output of my card into my VGA to HDMI convertor for the TV.

    At the moment my VGA to HDMI convertor will only display on my TV what my monitor will display when connected via VGA. i.e a low resolution, part displayed, windows desktop wallpaper. If I right click the desktop I get some form of dialogue box with AMD VISION Engine Control Centre, View, Sort by... etc.. No windows/task bar etc, are displayed. If I plug the monitor back into DVI, and re-select digital input on the monitor, everything is back to normal...

    Really don't know what's going on here... :(
  3. First, please tell us the hole story in the first place! Where is this vgs-to-hdmi adapter coming from? That one is exacly the reason, why the resolution is not detected.
    Second, please follow the instructions. Right click on the desktop and goto "screen resolution" at the bottom of the menu you already saw. Change the resolution there
  4. Hi,
    Well, finally got it sorted! The problems I was having was down to me never having experience of using a computer with multiple screens hanging off the same video card...:ange: Basically I wanted to have my Dell monitor connected to my computer and also my VGA-HDMI convertor connected to my computer that then goes to my big TV. I wanted an easy way to switch between the two so I could use my Dell monitor for normal stuff and then switch to my TV for playing videos without having to mess around with unplugging and plugging in cables. With my graphics card DVI output connected to my monitor and the VGA output connected to the convertor, it allows my big tv to simply act as an extension to my Dell monitor, i.e. I just drag a window off the right hand edge of my monitor and it magically appears through the left hand edge of my screen...! I was labouring under the misunderstanding that I could only have one screen or the other but not both at the same time..! ;) This also explains why I would get a screen with just the wallpaper and no windows/desktop icons or taskbar, it was this screen that was acting as the secondary desktop... it is only the designated primary desktop that has the normal taskbar and associated desktop attributes...

    Also the handy thing about the AMD VISION Engine Control Centre allows me to configure the resolution of two screens/desktops independently.
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