Thoughts on Asus P8H61-MX USB3

Hi there,

I'm considering getting an i5 processor, the 3470, and have been looking around at prebuilt machines as well as separate components. I've found one which has this CPU in but on the Asus P8H61-MX USB3.

It seems to be a rather old Motherbaord, as it only has SATA II, however, is it still a good one?

I won't be overclocking, I'm pretty sure the i5 3470 can't be overclocked anyway, but really just want to know people's thoughts on it and if it is lacking any features.

Thanks in advance.
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    I use that board, and it's not bad. Flashed the bios with asus suite II package software, but no difference in performance, just more ivy bridge cpu options. I use a sata II ssd, and it's fast enough for me. It takes only a few seconds more to load windows than my sata III ssd.
  2. Oh great.

    Is there anything you've found to be missing on it, or thought 'damn, I wish I had...'?
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