How can I create an SSID beacon

I want to create a wireless beacon which only transmits an SSID for a set interval.

Here are some of the criteria;

Range = ~10m
No receive capability
No network connectivity behind the SSID
Only transmit the beacon frame (SSID)
Able to configure interval (e.g. tx for 2 secs every 5 secs)
Able to configure the SSID

Ideally I am looking for a solution to be implemented on either a micro USB wireless device, wireless router or linux based laptop with a wireless card.

I would like the solution to be a simple as possible and preferably from the ground up rather than just using a normal router and turning rx off.

Any help with this would be appreciated!!
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  1. I would start with some of the tools used for wireless hacking. Things like airoreplay-ng. Not sure it has that feature but these tools are used to create many test packets. The tools being open source you should be able to convert it to send any packet you can think of.

    You generally must run this under linux, windows think if they disable certain command like promiscuous mode it will stop bad people . I would use a backtrack (has a new name now) image since it is bootable dvd and has everything preinstalled including compilers if you need to change the code.
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