amd hd3d hdmi or dual link dvi or display port 1.2 ?

i read around google that if i use amd hd3d using hdmi, it will be 1080p24, but at amd site says that my card (HD 7970) can do 1080p60 stereoscopic 3d ( through a hdmi output. So which one is trus ? In case it's false ( the hdmi), should I use the dual link dvi or the display port 1.2 ? What are they pros and cons ?

And, is there any monitor with passive 3d at 1080p with 120Hz refresh rate ?
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  1. all depends on the monitor. this needs to be a lot more clear with AMD's specs and web documentation. i know HDMI HD3D was limited to 24hz @ 1080p and the display port is limited to 60hz as far as i've seen. so you got max 60fps or max 24fps.
    i don't believe AMD supports 3D at over 60hz yet but things may have changed with their new series of cards or drivers.
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