I need your knowledge: The best Price/performance GPU for a media station


I am looking for a graphic card for my video player PC because the computer I use only has a VGA (GMA) with 720 resolution max.
So I need HDMI or DVI and I may use DXVA (for H264) if available.

My budget: 30-50$ (USD or CAD).
I am asking you because you know what is the best performance/price deal.

It would be great if gou can give me a GPU model number.
Thank you for your help!
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  1. Maybe a GT 520/610 or a Radeon 6450/6570.
  2. Ok, so thats What I see:

    Radeon HD 5450 | 080 processors | 1GB | 35$
    Radeon HD 6450 | 160 processors | 1GB | 40$ Special 25$
    Radeon HD 6570 | 480 processors | 1GB | 55$
    Radeon HD 6670 | 480 processors | 2GB | 90$

    I think the 6450 would be a good choice for the price, do you think the 6570 is worth the extra considering I don't play games on my TV (media PC)?
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