new build turned on a few times(no video) now not turning on at all

I just did my first build today, I am using a Corsair cx600 psu, a msi 970a-g46 mobo, an amd phenom II x4 processor and a corsair H55 liquid cooling system, when i finally finished my build i attempted to turn it on and there was no video output, i followed the second step in this thread Steps to check before posting
(i felt like an idiot when i realized i hadnt plugged in the cpu power connector) then when i attempted to turn on the computer, it wouldnt respond at all, like it wasnt plugged in, is there a problem with the psu, or is it a short or something else?? it is worth noting that i tried to turn on the computer without the cpu power connector being plugged in after this problem arose
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  1. Hi, Is the H55 fan spinning when starting the board?
  2. it was originally, however, now as i said, it isnt starting at all, no lights, no fans , no sounds or anything :(
  3. Then test the power supply:
    Attach a fan to a PSU molex and see if it does spin.
  4. ok i feel like an idiot....i appearently (without remembering) unplugged the power to the main board in my tests....i didnt plug it back in but it was resting over its yeah i plugged that in and its working just to get my os off the IDE hard drive without an IDE interface......but thank you for the quick responses and helpfulness :)
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