Can I install Windows onto an ExpressCard based SSD on my laptop.

I have been thinking about adding an SSD to my Lenovo Z565 laptop. It has an available Expresscard slot and I was wondering if it is possible to install Windows 7 onto that instead of replacing my hard drive with an equivalent sized SSD? Would doing so result in a noticable improvement in performance? This is the drive that I am thinking about buying Wintec FileMate 3FMS4E128JM-R ExpressCard 34 128GB ExpressCard. If you know of a better (or cheaper) ExperssCard in this price range please feel free to make suggestions.

Assuming this would work, I would want to remove the Windows installation from the existing hard drive and reinstall it to the Expresscard SSD. Has anyone else tried running Windows from an ExpressCard?
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  1. It's best to check in your BIOS first that it supports booting from the express card. It may appear as an Optional in the Boot Sequence menu.
  2. That's exactly the information that I need to find out. Unfortunately, I cant find anything in the documentation that tells me whether I can use an ExpressCard Storage device as a boot device. Anyone Know?
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    If there isn't an option to boot from eSata in the BIOS, the idea won't fly but my money says there will be that facility. If you can't see it, please post back the BIOS version and number.
  4. Hmm, here's the info you requested.

    Computer model: Lenovo Ideapad Z565
    Bios Version: 36CN15WW(v2.01)
    EC Version: 36EC13WW(v2.01)

    I suspect that it would work. It's just that $280 is a lot of money to spend on something that might or might not work. That's why I would like to get a definite yes or no answer if possible.
  5. I can't find anything tat definitely says it will or won't boot but the answer must be in the settings and without seeing those options, I can't help you. If the card is active and working, it should appear in Boot Options or some other title, perhaps Order or Sequence. If it isn't in the list, it can't be done.

    I can only suggest putting a bootable Linux OS on the card and see if it upsets the existing boot process.
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