Any one tried playing FPS games on Graphic tablet?

Gaming mouse and Bamboo tablets are same price. I already need a tablet for my graphic work. May be playing on bamboo might be better than my cheap 800dpi mouse. Just wondering.

Game : MOH War fighter
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  1. I tried to play COD4 on my friends touchscreen monitor. It was terible...It's like playing on laptops touchpad.. you can't play FPS on touch. There must be some grip under :)

    Hope this helps.. :)
  2. I'm not asking about toch screen. I'm talking about pen tablents
  3. I'm just making a point of alternative ways of play. Experience won't be even close cause it's impossible to get precision/quickness like you have with mouse and you are accustomed to playing on mouse so transsision it's not likely to be nice.
  4. The whole point of the stylus is precision and quickness so is better than a touchpad. And playing on a touchscreen is even worse than a pad. You would need to change to mouse mode because pen mode will just spin endlessly so it is kind of like a touchpad with a small bamboo. You would want to be a pen mode to draw or whatever though so is annoying to switch. You may need to get used to the detection distance and/or change the shoot key since you can't change the tip from click. I'm using an intuos large so may be even more difficult with a small bamboo. A mouse is still ideal. I use this mouse which is pretty cheap and is the best sensor of any mouse I've had. I can move around quickly with it reading the movements and has never jumped. The only downside is it's thin.
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