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Right now in my rig I have 1 256gb SSD. I would like to get a 2TB HDD but I don't know which one to get. I was thinking of getting this:

Can I get a better one for around the same price or should I go for this one?
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  1. seagate has historically been a decent hdd manufacturer though they have had some issues in recent history ('09) with bad drives. i prefer western digital when i can but admittedly run a seagate myself. though i had two until dies about 2 weeks ago or so (3 years before it died). if you can't find a WD drive i wouldn't worry to much.
  2. In my part, I prefer to select a WD HHD instead of Seagate drive. I have a WD 1TB hard drive that works well.
    You could check it online:
  3. I definitely recommend WD over Seagate but their black or RE Lines. I dont have any experience (yet) with their newer Red line of drives but I'm sure I will be seeing some soon.
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