DRivers & software for install ha lasertjet 6l al canonscan lide 20/30

Drivers to install HP LaserJet 6L with Windows 7 If anyone knows how to send it to me by mail since I managed not let me do anything but decompress ZIP. I have a job now and stop the printer for about 10 days.
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  1. there u go...without more model info this is the best i can do as there are versions of your printer and whether win 7 32bit or 64. all drivers are listed though
  2. Many thanks for your answer that has been O.K and I have my printer in work. ¿Know you somethin for install thecanosscan Lide 20/30 ?, Many thank again for your interest at this my theme
  3. Canon website for Canon drivers.
  4. Thank you very much for the final solution was qiue, Scanner Again I have!.
    I found the solution in the Windows 7 operating system but in the windos 2000 and within this in Windows 7 it ​​said if another user could serve that was in my case.
    Again many thank you very much.
    from Spain
    Miguel Soler
  5. happy to help. be sure to give someone the solution love.
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