Fill in blanks, first build.

Please help me choose missing parts; Nvidia driver updates gives an amazing boost up to 41% faster in BioShock Infinite up to 60% faster in Tomb Raider two games I'm planning to plunge into once the build is done early April. I also want to play a heavily modded Skyrim, I have read it kills Vram some report it breaking close to 3 GB and I guess games will keep demanding more especially modded in 2014. Thats why I am leaning towards GTX 670 4GB, I would welcome any advice if you feel I'm wrong

I wanted 250ish SSD for OS and games hope I made a good choice, need fast HDD recommendation to record all game footage on, after research I ditched the idea of going RAID 0 as a single good HDD will handle write speeds on 1080p 20"-24" screen using Dxtory on size efficient codec.

Feel free to tweak it however you wish as long as you explain it; i'm a newbie.
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  1. What's missing?? :P

    The only reason they got such a massive boost, is because they sucked before. Having said that it looks like a very good build. For the price though I'd rather have a 7970 Ghz Ed: It's faster than the GTX 680 in most scenarios, and has 3gb Vram as standard.

    Also is there any reason for the i7 over the i5? The only difference is hyper-threading, which has very little bearing on gaming performance, as basically no current game uses the 8 logical threads. EDIT: I assume for recording, my mind skipped that line the first time I read through -- disregard.

    Otherwise like I said, solid build. You won't need the thermal paste though, as the Noctua comes with one of the best thermal pastes there is included (N1-H1).

    EDIT: You can also get the newer and slightly nicer AX 760 from Amazon from the same price as that AX 750 (the new one is Platinum efficiency for starters, and comes with a fan which can be completely turned off for silence, as long as the system is drawing less than 40% of the rated power:

    Speaking of which why a 750W power supply? Are you planning for multiple cards down the line? A single card setup needs at most a decent 500W power supply.

  2. well if you don't find any use on he i7 go i5, unless you really want i7 go for it.

    7970ghz is a good option too if you can get your hands on it.

    can save you some money by not buying that paste, it should be decent the noctua one.
    everything else looks nice and if you can find a good deal on 7 pro that would be good too.
  3. Thanks for this answer, many people have already recommended I go for 7970 Ghz Ed I will look into it.
    I am still missing motherboard and fast HDD drive on the partpicker link, could you edit it and show me your recommendations?
    Also should I replace Noctua with liquid cooler?
    I plan to OC in 2014 maybe bit earlier.

    edit: Reason for I7 is because I will also be using Photoshop along with Adobe premiere, might be overkill, no clue, going to look into that too. Most builds seem to be going for it atm though.

    Your right about power supply, not too familiar with how much is needed, but I doubt I will Sli or Crossfire, most probably will just get a new generation card in 2015.

    edit2: Im in London UK atm, does anyone recommend against using amazon or any other sites for parts?
  4. Stick with the i7 if you're planning on recording. It does very well with video encoding.

    Oops, I guess I missed that when I skimmed your build, my mistake.

    I recommend the Z77 Extreme4 as your motherboard. It's not really necessary to spend more (unless you really want nice looks or something) as it has all the features you need and more.

    As for hard drive, it's really not a big decision. The cheapest 7200 RPM one will likely do. To me buying hard drives is about as interesting as buying screws.

    Also don't go for the H110, Noctua is much cheaper, quieter and likely the same performance (or maybe 2-3 degrees behind -- nothing really).

    Here's the edited build:

  5. The D-14 is actually cooler than the H100i

    For your motherboard I would like to state that the Asus P8z77 V, Gigabyte GA z77 D3H, and Asrock extreme4 all perform the same, you should ideally be going for whichever is cheaper.

    In general for the HDD the Seagate Barracuda is the cheapest.
  6. Sweet that Asrock mobo looks great and compatible with RAM.

    As for HDD the only reason I am hesitating is because I will be recording my gaming footage on it, from a person I have discussed it with so far it seems using Dxtory on Lagarith codec set on YV12 will enable me to record with best quality while not needing RAID 0 speed to keep up, I think I still need a good single HDD drive (prefer keep for it to be 2TB aswell) to keep up with quality recording. Still digging up on more information on this though.

    Big thumbs up for all the advice so far, really making progress after being stuck for a while !

    edit 1: Cheers I will stick with Noctua then.
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