MOBO gets power. front panel does not.Fans don't spin

Using Asus P5B mobo
Intel Core 2
2x 1.GB DIMM Kingston ram

The mobo gets powered up as indicated by LED. Power button on the front panel does not response, no on-off lights. CPU and PSU fans do not spin. RAM and CMOS have been reseated. All cables removed and reconnected.

Replaced the power unit with another one, same response. Hope I am not forced to buy a new mobo. Thanks for all help.
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  1. It might be a faulty power button. Try starting the board by shortly touching with a screwdriver the 2 pins from the front panel header corresponding to the power button.
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    Leave only CPU, CPU fan and power cables connected. Try again. If still the same, since you've tested a different power supply, then it's either the board or the CPU.
  3. I could not attend to this task. Sorry. Though the HP Notebook is slightly more than two years old, it is not of the best quality. Computer heats up quickly and starts creating problems. Have installed an external fan now which helps in lengthening the period before the crashes occurs.

    Thanks for all help.
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