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Been reading about Registry Cleaners forever and CCleaner is the only one I "trust." Really good question, to me, is 'Can you revert using Restore Points if you wanted to?'
After I delete a ton of unused appl's on my parents laptop, etc. I'll backup but just want to know if Restore Points might be affected. I've never used CCleaner because I shy away from doing anything in the Registry, other than one line changes occasionally. Only found one post where someone said he "went back" after using it and he didn't say how. Thanks in advance for all responders.
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  1. When you use a restore point it will revert the PC back to that point in time the restore point was created, any programs registry setting ect will be reverted back to how they were when the restore point was created. Previous restore points that have been created will not be changed or affected provided they are not deleted. If you roll back the PC to a restore point far back in time then any restore points after the roll back will be deleted. Its recommended to create a restore point before you make any big changes to the machine then in the event of anything going horribly wrong then you can roll back the machine to the point before the changes were made. All restore points are time and date stamped so you can choose which point in time you want to go back to. With CCleaner it also gives you an option to back up the registry before it cleans (saved in Documents). To restore a PC with win 7 just type system restore in the search programs and files bar in the start menu. Hope this helps.
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