PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade ~ Seagate Spinpoint 1TB

I've just upgraded my 320gb Slim to a 1TB Seagate Spinpoint M8 hard drive. The new HDD seems OK, however it is quite noticable when seeking. For example when playing Fifa 13 especially during a game the drive is seeking every couple of seconds and makes a noticable clicking noise. I find this quite annoying as the orignal Toshiba drive is silent at all times.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there anything I can do or is it just a case of the dual platter drive making more noise?
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  1. That almost sounds like a bad drive to me. Clicking of any kind on a drive has never turned out good in my 20+ years of PC experience. The excess seeking doesn't seem good either, like it's trying to read a spot, gets stuck, starts clicking, etc.

    My guess is dud hard drive.
  2. The drive is brand new though. There is no freezing or anything just this seeking sound during a match and on some of the menus.
  3. I dunno, noise during seeking sounds like a bad drive to me, even though it's new, it does happen.

    I've done lots of PS3 HD upgrades and never had an issue with them making noise or anything.

    Not sure what to tell you on what to do.
  4. What consoles have you upgraded (I.e fat or slim) and what hard drives have you used for upgrading?
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