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I have an evo wireless net connection which I plug into my dell i5 laptop using a USB port. The Laptop also supports wifi. Operating System is Windows 7 Ultimate.

Is it possible to share the net connection with other devices, say an android phone using the same laptop's wifi?
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  1. That is the very hard way to do it. You likely can use has good install instructions. USB device tend to be a little more tricky to share the connection on but it can be done.

    Why do you not just turn the hotspot option on the evo and let the laptop and the android both use it via the native wireless on the EVO
  2. It Worked! I used ICS to allow evo to share, with the home network connection set to "wireless net connection" (Actually Dell wireless 1702 802.11 b/g/n). My computer has a program called hotspot (No idea where it came from), where I set the share interface to the same connection. And Presto! we have net sharing.

    Thank You very much! :D
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